The Manufacturers

We partner with the best in the industry.  With our WBENC and their various Veterans and Minority Status; a company that uses RJN Systems can normally achieve 30-60% of our contract price as Minority Classification for their overall project.


Innovative Millworks is an key part of our team. Dave Smith and his team have decades of experience in the custom cabinetry and counter industry, specializing in laminate surfaces.  Dave and his main guys have been building Airports, Libraries, Hospitals and major custom items with Rose for over twenty-five years.  

Great Lakes Stainless is our second support leg for our production needs - if you can dream it in stainless, they can build it!  They are another company that has built custom items with Rose for over twenty years.  GLSS is AWI Certified and their skills are extremely deep and that allows us to truly encapsulate your creative ideas so they can come true!

Blasius specializes in solid surfaces and granite surfaces - quickly and efficiently!  They are the newcomers and they have built custom items with Rose for over 15 years.  They are the third key to our strong foundation.

RJN SYSTEMS BELIEVES IN FAMILY AND LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS - That's what you get with us; quality, love and loyalty!

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Rose Czar

President & Millwork Specialist


​​Rose is the original drive behind RJN Systems. She has decades of experience in custom millwork design and fabrication. From the drawing board, to the shop to the installation, she knows millwork and how to handle it.  Just ask her about firerating for cabinets!  She is the one you will usually see in the field with the tape measure and sketchbook.

The difference is the RJN System Family.

Nancy Czar


Project Manager


Nancy is the foundation of RJN's Success. She handles finances, billing, purchasing and project management.  She also makes sure we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there.  Then she follows it with making sure it got done - CORRECTLY!


Kevin Thompson

Site Consultant

Millwork Tech

Kevin has the reputation of being able to fix anything, with little to no tools. With over 10 years experience in millwork installation, construction, repair and modification, there is little on a job site that Kevin has not dealt with.  When you add in years with Oxford helping maintain airports, you understand how valuable Kevin is!  So if you are having issues on a site, Kevin can easily help guide your installation team to a successful completion.

Jeanne McCallie

Innovation Strategist

& Project Estimator 

Jeanne is one of our Estimators and  Project Manager.  She guarantees that the estimates and pricing are correct, works with the various customer installers to meet the strict quality levels that our customers have come to expect from RJN Systems. She is the "Face in the Field" of our company and her dedication to our customers shows at every installation.