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RJN Systems Custom projects

  • We assist with the initial project plan - with your people, equipment and overall goals.
  • We design the custom millwork that will meet your needs, while anticipating various options, possible problems, and usage. We can even provide you with photo quality renderings before we build, so you can really see your future.
  • We make sure your new millwork pieces are built to our specifications.
  • We supervise your delivery of your new custom millwork
  • We show your team how to use new features, or safety measures
  • We problem check to be sure no issues will arise in the future
  • If a problem does exist, we show up personally help you handle it.
  • We do what YOUR TEAM NEEDS US TO DO!

 Making sure you are satisfied IS OUR JOB DESCRIPTION!

Aviation / RAIL
So, what do we do?
Official Spaces


Project & Site Management

We go to every location, at the very beginning of the design process, to get to know each space and its unique attributes. We then customize accordingly, to ensure that your project reflects you, your space, and your company at its best. We hand deliver, install, and always stand behind our work. And because we stay personally vested, you can rest assured that this is at least one area you need not stress. 

When you request a quote, we work hard to ensure you the best price for the best quality. Our goal is always to give you what you need, and what you want, at the best possible price without sacrificing the quality of your millwork, or the comfort and safety of your crew and guests.

Once you are in your space, we do not just walk away - we are your team to continue to help over the next several years!  Need new millwork or furniture.  Moving to a new location in the airport, but you need help laying it out - call us - these are all things we love to help with!


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